Three js and Babylon.js: a Comparison of WebGL Frameworks

You may feel a little lost, but things are quickly getting a lot easier. It is faster to program than three.js, you write few lines of code in a cleaner fashion. Littlest Tokyo The project Littlest Tokyo is an example in three.js. The modeling and animation are done by external software, while three.js only load and present it. Through out babylon.js, the syntax is organized in a similar fashion. The first parameter is the name of the object, the second is its details, and the last is the scene.

This way, you can follow even something like this awesome open-gl tutorial. You don’t have to set up the matrices, typed arrays, because three already sets it up for you, updating them when needed. The shader though, you can write from scratch – a simple color rendering would be two lines of GLSL. You’ve seen first hand how similar their approaches to animation can be with both following the scene, renderer, camera, objects paradigm. Despite the similarities, Babylon.js subtly differentiates itself by focusing on traditional game engine requirements like engines and custom lighting. Where Three.js attempts to bring a wide range of animation features to the WebGL table, Babylon.js takes a more targeted approach.

  • There are so many things that almost every WebGL application will need / want to do.
  • At the very beginning, babylon.js feels somewhat foreign.
  • More important is that I do not enjoy the experience, it felt messy.
  • Below, you’ll find an assortment of guides to help you learn WebGL concepts and tutorials that offer step-by-step lessons and examples.

Babylon.js is a powerful, simple, and open game and 3D rendering engine packed into a friendly JavaScript framework. WebGL is a JavaScript API for rendering high-performance interactive 3D and 2D graphics within any compatible web browser without the use of plug-ins. WebGL does so by introducing an API that closely conforms to OpenGL ES 2.0 that can be used in HTML elements. This conformance makes it possible for the API to take advantage of hardware graphics acceleration provided by the user’s device.

WebGL 2

Below, you’ll find an assortment of guides to help you learn WebGL concepts and tutorials that offer step-by-step lessons and examples. This method is mostly relevant for applications which share a single WebGL context across multiple WebGL libraries. Returns the width and height of the renderer’s output canvas, in pixels. Returns the width and height of the renderer’s drawing buffer, in pixels. Used internally to handle ordering of scene object rendering. At the very beginning, babylon.js feels somewhat foreign.

That is a lot easier than being expected to write a WebGL program yourself from scratch. You can learn the WebGL concepts sufficiently well using any of the tutorials on the net, such as the beginner’s tutorial at and Learning WebGL. Unreal and unity are game engines, while i think three.js is not. Webgl.min_capability_mode A Boolean property that, when true, enables a minimum capability mode.

However there are other scenarios where three excels. A game is self contained, the ui is within it, so you’d design yours in unity. But when this needs to bridge that gap, and your “game” needs to interact with other elements of a web page, i’ve heard unity starts getting in the way. In this sense, three integrates much better, as it’s just a part of the page by its very nature.


To make sure you won’t miss any valuable content we share with our community. Whichever direction you choose to go, I suggest you learn/polish up on your linear algebra skills. Then go ahead and learn or polish up your understanding about MVP dimensions . Three.JS can abstract much of that away, but I think it’s key that one understands those concepts well before getting serious about any 3D development.

webgl vs three js

I have found out, that the most popular are three.js and pixi.js. Both of them allow you to use WebGL or canvas renderer . With the unity examples, the idea is that any example will be some kind of a modified game. With the idea that a game engine How to create an auction website in WordPress the ultimate guide would have bindings for a device such as a kinect out of the box, while it may be more involved to setup something like that on a web page . Three.js on the other hand, won’t have as many game centric tools, or they won’t be as robust.

Personally, if I wanted to create a game, I’d use Unity. If I want to create 3D websites that load super fast, I’ll use three.js. But that’s just my opinion, it’s not based on experience. Or you could use Ecsy or Meep, engines built to use three.js . But again, there’s no way I can advise you on those since I’ve never used them.

TypeScript is a superset of JavaScript, and it is built on the good parts. JavaScript can be quite chaotic if not handled properly. Even it has been improved quite a bit, one has to pay attention on the language itself while programming. The type in the name may trigger some painful feelings about strictly enforced data types in computer programming, , but TypeScript is actually much better. There was a moment when Babylon.js decided to rewrite its codebase in TypeScript.

What is Three JS?

When in this mode, WebGL is configured to only support the bare minimum feature set and capabilities required by the WebGL specification. This lets you ensure that your WebGL code will work on any device or browser, regardless of their capabilities. A basic 2D WebGL animation example This example demonstrates the simple animation of a one-color shape. Topics examined are adapting to aspect ratio differences, a function to build shader programs from sets of multiple shaders, and the basics of drawing in WebGL.

webgl vs three js

Loading a lot of static sprites is faster in three.js for 5000 sprites and above, but animating only a few of those sprites give better framerates in pixi . The performance is very important – a lot of elements, text, ability to smoothly scale, translate them etc. is crutial. I want it to use only with 2D graphics, so 3D support is completely optional. Vtk.js is a JavaScript library for scientific visualization in your browser.

You can learn TypeScript and Babylon.js together. I decided to give a second look at babylon.js by trying to understand its design philosophy. These being said, it is possible to work with three.js, and I was able to create the 3D illustration for bird’s flying path, but my progress was slower than I expected. More important is that I do not enjoy the experience, it felt messy.

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There are probably other three.js based game engines besides those two. WebGL Academy An HTML/JavaScript editor with tutorials to learn basics of webgl programming. Defines whether the renderer should sort objects. If you do not require dynamic lighting / shadows, you may set this to `false` when the renderer is instantiated. Defines whether the renderer respects object-level clipping planes. When you start, the playground is probably where you spend time, and the documentation of babylon.js also use the playground for examples.

Compare to Three.js, Babylon.js takes some extra steps in helping you to create your scene. Also, it seems that a new project should run through these steps in order to get the best-customized settings; probably that’s why people are going through these steps again and again. One pretty useful tutorial is by the red stapler, and in his series of three.js, a new setup is used every time.

With Three.js we simply create an empty div as our container for the animation. Babylon.js on the other hand makes use of an explicitly defined HTML5 canvas to hold its 3D graphics. I spent a lot of time with’s examples – there’s a ton of them and they’re very good at getting you off and running in the right direction. The docs are decent enough, especially if you’re comparing them to other webGL 3D api’s out there. At this point it looks like it could be a good thing to have both in your toolbelt. I would start out by learning Three.JS, then do some shaders with GLSL and keep trying to learn more about WebGL all the while.

Pass null to use the default painterSortStable function. When this is enabled, only the pixels within the defined scissor area will be affected by further renderer actions. User-defined clipping planes specified as THREE.Plane objects in world space. Points in space whose dot product with the plane is negative are cut away. New JavaScript and Web Development content every day. Then, you can set up an environment to develop Babylon.js in TypeScript.


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