Sobriety Gifts: Gifts to Celebrate Sobriety

Through working the steps, she had found a way to live without taking a drink, but more importantly, she had found a way to live without wanting to take a drink. Lewis’ self-revealing insights led her to a higher quality life than she dared dream possible. Her publication in the Big Book, self-revealing and humble in the extreme, inspires many women to this day. Celebrating recovery is giving yourself the gift of self-appreciation and treating yourself with the same love and energy you’d give another. It’s the gift that’s renewed each day and can be reinforced through consistent attendance and participation in the 12-step community.

Sobriety milestones are occasions that demand meaningful and thoughtful gifts, and finding the perfect present to celebrate a loved one’s recovery is often a grueling and time-intensive task. This elegant collection of custom sobriety and recovery gifts has products suitable for men and women, and is the perfect of that “Sober Someone” as well as an AA or NA Sponsor or Sponsee. Also perfect for anyone overcoming a struggle and needs some motivation or encouragement.

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One idea for a sobriety gift is something that will help the person stay sober. This could be a book about sobriety, a piece of jewelry that says “sober” on it, or even a keychain with a Sobriety logo. It’s likely your friend or a family member has certain dates that are important to them, like the day they entered treatment or their six-month sobriety anniversary. These dates can be used to personalize gift items like jewelry, plaques and journals, making them more intentional.

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So don’t wait any longer- reach out today for more information on our unique aftercare recovery programs and start your journey to a sober life. In keeping with the 12-Step philosophy of “one day at a time,” another thoughtful sober anniversary gift could be a book of daily affirmations. Help your friend or family member get up each day and live with inspiration by gifting them a book of daily affirmations.

#8: A Kumoso Breathing Necklace

You may want to seek input for your gift recipient before booking them a tattoo to avoid spending a lot of money on something they do not wish to. If you want a more ambitious gift, consider purchasing a meditation retreat; the organization offers regular retreats in gorgeous California locations. A meditation membership is an excellent gift for anyone seeking to cultivate mindfulness and expand their spiritual life. Meditation is an integral component of any 12-step program. This simple, elegant jar contains paper stars, each having a recovery-related quote or message.

And continue to look until you find what works for you. Click here for a list of regional and national resources. This Alcoholics sobriety gifts Narcotics Anonymous hooded sweatshirt is perfect for anyone who loves a stylish one-day at a time novelty hoodie.


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